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The manuscript is invited from anywhere in the world, and so authors are asked to ensure that sufficient context is provided for all readers to appreciate their contribution.


The submitted manuscript should be addressed to the Editor-in-chief of the Medika Alkhairaat : Jurnal Penelitian Kedokteran dan Kesehatan. The manuscript must be submitted through online submission by registered users. You can easily register in the journal system.

As a basic requirement, all articles submitted to the Medika Alkhairaat : Jurnal Penelitian Kedokteran dan Kesehatan must be original work, which has never been published previously and is submitted exclusively to the Medika Alkhairaat : Jurnal Penelitian Kedokteran dan Kesehatan. The Editorial Board reserves the right to edit all articles in aspects of style, format, and clarity. Authors may be required to revise their manuscripts for reasons of any aspect. Manuscripts with excessive errors in any aspect may be returned to authors for retyping or may be rejected. All manuscripts will be subjected to peer and editorial review.

We accept four types of articles: (1) original articles: basic sciences, clinical, and community or public health ; (2) case report; (3) review article; (4) brief communication. Basic sciences research covers in vitro research or animal studies. Clinical research covers studies done in human subjects. Community research covers studies done in the community and related to health policy. Case reports cover interesting reports of single case and case series that also provide some statistical analysis. Review articles include systematic and narrative reviews that have novelty in the medical field. Brief communications include preliminary reports and manuscripts that do not cover the above categories but are still related to and have an important impact on medical research and health policy.


The manuscripts should be typed in A4 (210mm x 297mm), 11-point Times News Roman font and must be 1 line-spaced, except indented quotations. The manuscript must be saved as a word file. All pages, including tables, appendices, and references, should be serially numbered. Spell out numbers from one to ten, except when used in tables and lists, and when used with mathematical, statistical, scientific or technical units and quantities, such as distances, weights, and measures. For example three days; 3 kilometers; 30 years. All other numbers are expressed numerically. A sample template is included at the end of this document.


The manuscript can be written in both English and Indonesian. Authors who use English and not their native language are encouraged to check their papers before submitting them for grammar and clarity.

Article Lenght

The article should be between 4000 and 7000 words. The allowable length of the manuscript is at Editor’s discretion; however, manuscript with a length less or exceeding the words may be return to the author(s) for revision before the manuscript is considered by the Editors. The word count excludes table, figures, and references.

How to submit your manuscript

All manuscripts should be submitted online at

General Guidelines
  1. This journal is a scientific publication in the field of basic medical science, clinical medical science and community medicine (public health/public health science).
  2. The manuscript should be original, research-based, unpublished and not under review for possible publication in other journals.
  3. It consists of the title, author’s name, institution, email address, abstract, keywords, content, and references.
  4. The title must be clear, precise and no more than 15 words.
  5. The content page: Introduction. Consists of background and research objectives that are written in a different paragraph. The background should contain state of the art from domestic and foreign journals as primary references. Methods. Consists of these subchapters: design, place and time; sampling (survey) or materials and tools (laboratory); data type and collection (survey) or research steps (laboratory); and data processing and analysis. Result and Discussion. Should be written in one chapter. The result presents various characteristics data of subjects/samples and the main findings of the research while discussion contains an argument that relates and compares the findings with theory/concept/findings from other researches. The discussion should be meaningful, not only narrate the results (tables and figures). Point out the implications of research findings using primary references. Conclusion. Contain answers to the research objectives and is not a summary of the results. Recommendation (optional) should be written in this chapter in a separate paragraph. Recommendations may be implications for programs and advanced research that needs to be done based on research findings or conclusions of the authors. Acknowledgment (optional). Contains acknowledgments to donors or sponsors, contributors of materials and research facilities. The names should be written without an academic title.
  6. In writing the article, the author(s) are required to use reference management tools (example: Mendeley, EndNote, or Zotero) in writing the citation and list of references with the American Medical Association Style.

Download template here